Especially for those who want to

  • Possess emotional mastery

  • Become the best version of yourself

  • Overcome challenges effortlessly

  • Achieve massive success in your life

After reading this book you will laugh at the problems in your life, learn to be happy for no reason, show gratitude for what you have, and…become a magnet for success in all aspects of life!

Play along with me for 10 seconds, just humor me for abit will you?

Can you imagine for 10 seconds how your life would have been if YOU were born upside-down during birth, YOU choked for 1 min 45 seconds at birth, YOU were in the ICU straight after birth for 3 days, YOUR parents did not know what was wrong with you until about 60 days of being born, YOU were not able to sit, walk, speak and move normally until age 6, YOU got called names such as Alien, Weird, and Robot in school, YOU were ostracized for being slow both in body and in mind.

What would your life be at the age of 23 if you were born in the above circumstances, which was not your fault, not your parents fault, but it was due to a medical negligence by the medical team that was supposed to take care of you and ensure your safe arrival into the world.

  • Para-Athlete

  • Inspirational Speaker

  • First Singaporean Athlete to publish a book

  • Author

  • NLP Practitioner

  • Transformational Coach

What if I told you, that someone born in the above situation is now a para-athlete playing soccer for Singapore in various prestigious tournaments all around Asia and Europe, to countries such as Japan and Austria, has become the first athlete in Singapore to publish a book, is now an Author of his own book which demonstrates the challenges and obstacles that he overcame and defied all odds that he faced along the way, together with the life lessons that he learned from each situation, is a Neuro-Linguistics Programming (NLP) Practitioner looking to do his Masters in NLP, a Transformational Coach, who wants to aid everyone in becoming the best version of themselves, is now an Inspirational Speaker speaking in Singapore and in the United States in front of hundreds and thousands of people and he has set a goal to speak to 50,000,000, (yes, you read it right, that’s 50 MILLION) people before the age of 50.

And yes, that person is not a fictional character from a novel, he is Hitesh Ramchandani, and he and his book have been featured in various media like The Strait Times, Singapore Sunday Times, Tabla, Tamil Murasu, India Se, various overseas Magazines.

In fact, his story was even featured on Television, to inspire all Singaporeans, on Channel 5.

  • Singapore Strait Times

  • Tamil Murasu

  • tabla! Magazine

  • The Indian Hong Kong Magazine

  • India Se Magazine

  • Channel 5

Who will love this book?

  • Do YOU want to take control of your emotions?

  • Do YOU want to overcome challenges effortlessly?

  • Do YOU want to be the best version of yourself?

  • Do YOU want to overcome your fears?

  • Do YOU want to optimize your time and energy on a daily basis?

  • Do YOU want to find happiness?

  • Do YOU want to achieve massive success in your life?

What will you discover in this book?

  • Discover strategies to overcome obstacles effortlessly.

  • Discover stories of Hitesh’s childhood that will touch your heart.

  • Discover how to build your self-belief and self-esteem.

  • Discover life lessons learnt by Hitesh.

  • Discover how to have unwavering determination.

  • Discover the power of affirmations.

  • Discover how your ego builds you and destroys you.

  • Discover how to be self-motivated.

  • Discover how to create a compelling vision for your life.

  • Discover how to take charge of success in your life.

Now, this book comes with a guarantee,

a guarantee that you will be inspired by at least 1% after you read the book, and sometimes it’s the 1% that makes the difference!

So, if you think that you fit into the category of people that will LOVE this book, and if you are interested in what you will DISCOVER in this book, I have no idea what you are waiting for! Just buy the book!

Many people have asked why we have priced the book at such a measly $20, but we tell people that the purpose of this book is not to make a profit, but to make a difference.

You will also be making a difference and this book is more than just a book, its about the passion and the determination of a boy who always wanted to be treated like a normal kid, but who realized that everyone, including himself, has a potential to not just be normal, but BETTER THAN NORMAL!

* Events Hitesh Has Spoken at

1. Advisors Clique – Great Eastern Financial Advisers

2. Synergy Organisation – Prudential

3. St George’s Girls hostel

4. Singapore Sports Institute

5. Various Toastmasters Clubs in Singapore

6. Great Eastern Life

7. Neuro Linguistic programme (NLP) courses – ACME Academy

8. Platinum Yoga Centre

9. Various Secondary Schools

* The Book, Better Than Normal

Better Than Normal is a book based On Hitesh’s life story on how he grew up with this condition/disability (Cerebral Palsy) and managed to tackle the hard challenges in his life. Cerebral Palsy could not stop Hitesh from achieving his goals and dreams.

The main agenda of the book is to inspire his readers and the younger generation that the only disability you have in life is a bad attitude, and no matter how many obstacles you face, you have to get back up and face the challenges head on.

Hitesh is also the first athlete in Singapore to have a published a book.

* 10% of book sales go to Charity