Hitesh Ramchandani, 24 years old, was born on 20/01/1993 with a neuro-condition called, ‘Cerebral Palsy’. This was caused by a medical negligence.  The doctors claimed that he would never be able to walk or talk. They recommended him to study at a special institute as they felt that he would never live a normal life.  Hitesh was determined to be successful, he wanted to prove many wrong and thus he fought hard against the obstacles life had thrown at him!  He believes, “Life is like a ball, the harder you hit the ground the higher you will bounce!’’

Now, Hitesh is a National Football Para-Athlete, motivational speaker and author of the book- Better Than Normal.

His mission: Inspire the world and make it richer!
His motto: If I can do it, you can do better!

– Hitesh Ramchandani was born with a medical condition – Cerebral Palsy.

-Medically he is supposed to be on a wheelchair but here he is running, going to the gym, swimming and representing Singapore in Soccer in various para games.

-Hitesh has a story which can impact and inspire people to take action and reach their highest potential.

– Instead of motivating his audience, he chooses to inspire them as motivation is short term, it stays with you only for a certain period, however inspiration is more ingrained and long term, it sticks with you like a tattoo.

Hitesh Ramchandani’s key message is to tell the world that the only disability in life, is a bad attitude and we all can attain our dreams and become the best version of ourselves if we just alter our attitude by 1% for the better, every single day.

Hitesh Ramchandani speaks on various topics such as

  • Peak Performance
  • Mindset Transformational Coaching
  • Public Speaking
  • Leadership and Management Skills
  • Sports Coaching
  • Business Strategy
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Sales Skills
  • Networking to Success
  • Branding & Marketing
  • Topics can be customized to the clients needs

Every CEO, Director and Executive once started off as a nobody. They all have their own success stories to share on how they reached the top of their game. Hitesh’s presentation and stories are able to touch the heart and souls of these high level people as they are able to relate his struggles with their own. The struggle of rejection, bullying, being looked down upon and going against the odds.

Not only professionally but on a personal level as well they are able to resonate the stories that he shares. They explore the stories from their own point of view as a Parent, a Sibling, a Child, a Teacher, a Mentor and most importantly, a Human with unlimited potential.

At the end of the presentation, they are all left awed and inspired to reach even greater heights, because they feel that if Hitesh can do it, they can do it too!

  • Keynote Speeches (1-3 hours)
  • Large Group Trainings (3-8 hours)
  • Small Group Workshops (0.5- 3 days)
  • 1-3 hours Keynote Speeches
  • 3-8 hours Large Group Trainings
  • 0.5-3 days Small Group Workshop or if you have any special requirements we can customize accordingly.

It varies from the crowd size and for the duration Hitesh has been booked. Depending on your requirements and the frequency of engagements with your group, his team will gladly work with you to attain a winning and value for money proposition.

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